I’ve been a Verizon customer ever since my wife and I combined our cell phone plans a while ago.  As a service provider, Verizon met our needs with stable voice service in our apartment (a long time AT&T dead zone).

When I wanted a smartphone, AT&T still had exclusive rights to iPhone in the U.S. so I went with an HTC Incredible.  While the device worked well enough for many things, it did have some problems with my complex data desires.  I wanted to be able to grab mail from both my work account and my gmail account, but only wanted to grab contacts from my gmail.  While it was probably possible for some, I couldn’t figure out how to do it with native apps, and even after buying a dedicated client for my work account.  Then I ended up with multiple copies of my contacts in my device address book which I had to manually link per contact.

I ran my HTC through the washing machine and dryer after getting back from vacation (no not intentionally), and my wife authorized a purchase of an iPhone 4S.  After having the phone for a few weeks, I’m amazed at how easy things seem to be with it compared to hoops that needed to be jumped through with the Incredible.  Multiple ActiveSync accounts natively?  Check.  Easy selection of where to draw contacts from?  Check.  Stable Gui and OS?  Check.

People may argue over which phone OS is better based on the software model and companies behind the technologies.   I’ve bantered on in the past about how unnecessarily restrictive Apple’s software approval model is, and how maintaining flexibility in terms of phone features and GUI implementations will ultimately give people what they want.  But I’ve come to see that, at least in my case, that flexibility means little if none can master it to the point of making it usable or stable.

I can’t say I am a complete Apple convert, but I am a satisfied Apple 4S customer.  The technology just works.

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